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07 January 2013 @ 07:49 pm
i am working on becoming a happier person this year, and to do that, what better way than to partake in my favorite activity - watching movies! i've excluded the first two days of the new year - i hadn't gotten the idea yet - but i'm going to try to watch a film every day for the remaining. sometimes i'll watch more than just one - that'll more than make up for the lost days!

i usually just pick a dvd that's on my shelf, but i'm taking suggestions as well. i'll always spend some dough on a good movie. ;)

and here are some of the last i'd watched during 2012:
+ friday, october 26th → silent hill revelations 3d (2012)
+ wednesday, november 28th → breaking dawn pt. 2 (2012)
+ friday, december 21st → scott pilgrim vs. the world (2010), pokémon 4ever (2002), & the emperor's new groove (2000)
+ tuesday, december 25th → les misérables (2012)

here's my list for 2013!

1) thursday, january 3rd → chicken run (2000)
2) friday, january 4th → a bug's life (1998)
3) saturday, january 5th → hypothermia (2010)
4) sunday, january 6th → shaun of the dead (2009) & the bourne legacy (2012)
5) monday, january 7th → rise of the guardians (2012)
6) wednesday, january 9th → rise of the guardians (2012) again! ♥
7) thursday, january 10th → battle royale (2000)
8) saturday, january 12th → brave (2012)
9) sunday, january 13th → shrek (2001)
10) monday, january 14th → little birds (2011) & how to train your dragon (2010)
11) tuesday, january 15th → casper meets wendy (1998)
12) wednesday, january 16th → balto (1995)
13) thursday, january 17th → the secret of nimh (1982) & pokémon: the first movie or mewtwo strikes back (1998)
14) friday, january 18th → ip man (2008) & rock-a-doodle (1991)
15) monday, january 21st → lady kung fu (1972)

Current Music: oblivion - grimes
02 December 2012 @ 05:48 pm
i'm sorry, but breaking dawn part two was absolutely amazing. so good.
10 September 2012 @ 09:13 pm
09 September 2012 @ 06:13 pm
the very first sony playstation was released seventeen years ago today.
i feel so old.
29 August 2012 @ 04:06 pm
beirut (zach condon's voice *__*)
lana del rey
dirty projectors
the decemberists
fleet foxes
ellie goulding
james blake
the xx
final fantasy music (it's too pretty)
janelle monáe
nicki minaj
stewart copeland (drummer for the police, but also did all the music for the first three spyro games; love him)
the's (woo hoo)
the go! team
really shitty dance music
foxy shazam
edith piaf (♥)
girl talk
le loup
the black eyed peas
laura marling
shara worden
gang gang dance
anything i recently bought on itunes
29 August 2012 @ 04:01 pm
danny phantom (my fav show of all time, of all time)
regular show
judge judy
cowboy bebop
aqua teen hunger force (what even is it called now? whatever?)
king of the hill
48 hours mystery (and several other crime/murder shows)
mxc: most extreme elimination challenge (or takeshi's castle)
that 70's show
hell's kitchen (older seasons; i'm not really watching this season at all)
the x-files (mulder/scully ♥)
gravity falls
guilty crown (forgot about this for a while; thinking about picking it up again soon)
29 August 2012 @ 03:57 pm
the kingdom hearts series (II's my fav, and my fav game of all time, of all time)
the elder scrolls series
9, 9, 9: 9 hours, 9 persons, 9 doors (and most likely virtue's last reward)
pokémon (sapphire's my fav, and i really love gen. three)
the original spyro the dragon trilogy
the silent hill series (1 and 2 are my favs)
the legend of zelda
final fantasy x
dead space 2 (and quite possibly the 3rd when it comes out; it looks goooooood)
neopets: the darkest faerie (so good. no really)
just dance
those danny phantom games on GBA and DS (they're surprisingly fun)
bust-a-move series (or puzzle bobble in japan)
animal crossing
castlevania 1 ... and 2: simon's quest
super mario bros. 3 on GBA
donkey kong country on GBA
mario party 2 and 4
mario kart
resident evil 1
the naruto ultimate ninja storm and clash of ninja series
final fantasy I & II on GBA (the preludes are so pretty  *__*)
roller coaster/zoo tycoon and mahjong
29 August 2012 @ 03:49 pm
lord of the flies by william golding (one of my favorite books of all time)
the looking glass wars trilogy by frank beddor (my other favorite books of all time)
the harry potter series by j.k. rowling (my other other favorite books)
the odyssey by homer
alice's adventures in wonderland by lewis carroll
solanin by inio asano
the thief lord by cornelia funke
chuck palahniuk novels
      invisible monsters
      fight club
the host by stephenie meyer
      also the twilight series, but i've changed the characters so much in my head, they're barely the same as they are in the novels
thérèse raquin by émile zola
the inferno by dante alighieri
great expectations by charles dickens
horror/gorey/just plain disturbin' manga (the enigma of amigara fault, tomie, narutaru)
english class literature (in general, really)
gantz (manga) series
29 August 2012 @ 03:09 pm
kung pow: enter the fist (and the sequel, IF WE HAD ONE)
rise of the guardians (favorite movie ever)
battle royale
      the lion king
      the nightmare before christmas
      sleeping beauty
hilariously bad japanese horror/kung-fu films
the quest for camelot
kill bill 1 & 2
the bourne legacy (have only seen supremacy of the trilogy, but plan on seeing the others; legacy was just really good)
indiana jones trilogy
mean girls
star wars
ip man
29 August 2012 @ 03:02 pm
naruto (sasuke/sakura, naruto/sasuke, naruto/sasuke/sakura, sasuke/ino, sakura/hinata, kushina/mikoto)
kingdom hearts (sora/kairi, sora/naminé, demyx/zexion)
danny phantom (danny/sam, jack/maddie, johnny 13/kitty, vlad/danny)
rise of the guardians (jack/tooth)
harry potter (harry/ginny, ron/hermione, go away cho)
regular show (mordecai/margaret, jeremy/mordecai, rigby/eileen)
eden of the east (takizawa/saki)
re:play (izsak/cree, rail/char)
9, 9, 9: 9 hours, 9 persons, 9 doors (junpei/akane, junpei/clover)
studio ghibli films
      princess mononoke (ashitaka/san)
      howl's moving castle (howl/sophie)
pokémon (ash/misty, green/red, morty/falkner, brendan/may)
the looking glass wars trilogy (dodge/alyss, hatter/weaver)
final fantasy (lightning/hope, cloud/aerith, tidus/yuna)
the elder scrolls v: skyrim (my m!bosmer pc/ysolda, m!nord pc/aela the huntress, m!nord pc/mjoll the lioness, m!nord pc/jordis the sword-maiden, m!nord pc/sylgja, moth gro-bagol/f!orc pc, argis the bulwark/f!breton pc, farkas/m!nord pc, farkas/f!breton pc, ghorbash the iron hand/f!orc pc)